Sick of struggling with unwanted habits? You’re in luck.

This post contains some of the exact habit change techniques my clients and I have used to change unwanted habits and create new, healthier habits.   TESTIMONIAL: TERESA AHERNE, AUCKLAND, NZ“I’ve tried everything over the years to stop smoking, and then, … Continued

Self-control: The biggest myth about habit change!

I love New Year’s. I love asking people if they’ve made New Year’s resolutions. And that’s because I’m obsessed with habits – and most resolutions are do with breaking unhealthy habits and making healthy ones: quit smoking, eat more healthily, … Continued

Emo-eating? A simple psychology strategy for busting emotional eating habits

ow We don’t usually do emotional eating alone. Yes, I said “we”. We like company. But preferably not human company. We prefer the electronic kind: TV, films, even the computer will do. You know the kind of emotional eating I’m … Continued