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I became obsessed with habit change when I needed to get from university dropout to PhD (it helped majoring in psychology!). I developed psychology tools to break my maddening procrastination habits and develop the habits of productivity. And my psychology tools worked. I produced a quality, timely PhD.

I’d be lying if I said my psychology tools made finishing my PhD easy. But they did make it possible. I thought my PhD would never be good enough. I thought it would never be finished. It was and it was.

And I’ve been using these same psychology tools to help others change habits – both productivity & lifestyle – ever since.

Change your habits: change your life.

One on one (1:1) psychology coaching

If you’re curious about working with me in one on one sessions – head over here to the psychology coaching page.

“I’ve tried everything over the years to stop smoking, and then, a month ago, Rebecca fixed my brain (well, the part that wants to smoke) in 10 minutes. I haven’t smoked since.”

“Hi Rebecca, I wanted to thank you and let you know what happened to me after our session.
I have to say you were like a dog with a bone and as much as I was trying to ‘only play with the surface stuff’, you really forced me to look and go next level during our session. As uncomfortable as that was … you changed my life with that session.

Within 3 months I had left the worst job of my life, left the most toxic relationship I’ve ever had and then continued to look and work deep with how and why had I let myself get into those situations. This beginning a real journey of positive self discovery and healing …

My transformation has been mind blowing and our session was definitely the beginning of it all for me.”

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Need help with organizational habits?

Business is personal! People DO bring their personal issues to work and they DO take their work issues home. I can help your team with a range of productivity and lifestyle habits. Curious? Head over to the Organizational Habit Coaching page to learn more.

We hosted Rebecca to present a workshop on beating procrastination through habit change & mastery. It’s the best feedback I’ve had from our residents after any of our ‘lunch & learns.’ Some of them implemented Rebecca’s psychology strategies the same day and commented it was “life changing.” The response was so impressive we’re having her back for a 6-part series!

“I love the fact Rebecca’s techniques are both practical and SUPER easy to implement. A personal favorite is her [procrastination-busting psychology strategy] which has even become popular with my own clients since discovering for themselves its mind-focusing ability (who needs Ritalin?) Rebecca has that rare talent of explaining complex psychological difficulties in such a way anyone can understand them, comprehend their provenance AND know how to achieve a more desirable outcome.”

“I must say I have been using [Rebecca’s procrastination-busting] technique for 2 days now and they have been my most productive in months! It has taken the focus away from what is most pressing and moved it into just getting things done.”

Want to read more testimonials? Head to the testimonials page …

Want to learn how to get the mind-focusing effects of Ritalin (without taking the drug) – for yourself – and for free?

If so, I outline the top psychology strategy for beating procrastination in the video below. This is the number one – simple but powerful – psychology tactic I used to get from university dropout to PhD. And many others have used it since …

If you’d like a free pdf transcript of the video – how to get the mind-focusing effects of Ritalin – head over to the subscription page.

As a bonus, the transcript contains a simple tactic that everyone wants to know about. I call it the ‘dial-back method.’ This tactic isn’t in the video but is another of those simple, powerful things that helps you work with your brain, rather than against it. Get it here.