How to get the mind-focusing effects of Ritalin – without taking the drug cover

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The download is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released book (early 2020). I’ve been teaching this simple psychology strategy for a while. Below are testimonials from two people who’ve used it to bust procrastination and boost productivity:

“Hi Rebecca, I really loved your talk and was totally inspired. My procrastination level had been over the top for quite a while. I was getting through each day just spending half my time thinking about what I should be doing next. I used [the psychology technique] religiously for a week and was totally stunned by how much I achieved!!

I was having problems filling up the day with tasks as I had never structured myself so well before.

I was achieving lots and ‘getting things done’ so well it felt like magic. I had a month where the wheels fell off … and I noticed by not using [the psychological technique] I was falling back into old habits again. So I am back on to it and can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you shared. It works really well for me and has changed my life. Keep up the great work.”

I must say I have been using [Rebecca’s procrastination-busting] technique for 2 days now and they have been my most productive in months! It has taken the focus away from what is most pressing and moved it into just getting things done.”

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Oops, did I type that out loud? I meant to say my articles go all places psychological, but focus on:

  • ‘The 21 day myth’ – how to rapidly make and break habits.
  • The easy way to modify lifestyle habits – such as emotional eating and (lack of) exercise (willpower is so 90’s).
  • The psychology tools I used to go from uni drop out to PhD.
  • Simple (when you know how) tactics for less procrastination, workaholism and overwhelm, and more motivation, focus and productivity.
  • Strategies for reducing stress while boosting mental and physical health.
  • Frog-dodging, dating and relationship strategies.
  • and occasional trickier issues to do with saving the world.

My articles typically consist of psychological strategies illustrated with my embarrassing personal anecdotes. Of which I am spoiled for choice.

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