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1:1 psychology habit coaching with me may be right for you if:

  • You are sick and tired of struggling with unwanted habits
  • You feel unsupported
  • You are exhausted – yet feel ‘wired’
  • You feel lonely (whether single or in a relationship)
  • You are sick of being single AND/OR sick of crappy relationships
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works
  • You have trouble sleeping (either trouble falling asleep or early morning waking)
  • You are frustrated by your inability to change habits
  • You feel like your life lacks meaning and purpose
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You’ve had enough of recurring problems: this could be anything from romantic relationships, children, career, stress, anxiety and other habits.
  • You suffer from stress-related inflammatory conditions: including migraine; skin problems such as adult acne, eczema and dandruff; alopecia; polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS is often un – or misdiagnosed due to the variety of symptoms which can include some or all of: unwanted weight *, acne, hirsutism, and irregular or no periods); and more
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Hi Rebecca, I wanted to thank you and let you know what happened to me after our session.

I have to say you were like a dog with a bone and as much as I was trying to ‘only play with the surface stuff’, you really forced me to look and go next level during our session.

As uncomfortable as that was … you changed my life with that session.
Within 3 months I had left the worst job of my life, left the most toxic relationship I’ve ever had and then continued to look and work deep with how and why had I let myself get into those situations. This beginning a real journey of positive self discovery and healing …

My transformation has been mind blowing and our session was definitely the beginning of it all for me.

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Setting Expectations!

I’m a healer – but I can’t heal you. That’s up to you. What I can do is facilitate you to heal yourself. I offer simple psychology tools and show you how to use them. I also provide motivation, support, and fresh insights and perspectives.

To be honest, while healing can be fast, fun and easy – its often hard and really uncomfortable. We’ll likely be digging up painful stuff that, up till now, you’ve successfully avoided for years – often decades.

I’m hardly a sadist at all. In fact, I will be your biggest cheerleader. But this deep work is usually necessary to address the underlying cause of recurring, stubborn life problems. The tools may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I’ve tried everything over the years to stop smoking, and then, a month ago, Rebecca fixed my brain (well, the part that wants to smoke) in 10 minutes. I haven’t smoked since.

FAQ: What type of therapy are you trained in?

In addition to my PhD in health psychology (the interaction between mental and physical health – or the intersection between psychology and medicine), my original therapy training was (fortunately) based on Carl Roger’s – very powerful – client or person-centered therapy. I also use a range of other modalities – from motivational interviewing, hypnotherapy, behavior science and … more recently, more spiritual practices, such as Reiki (Level 2) and past life regression.

You can read more about my past life regression sessions here.

I was drawn to [Dr Rebecca Stafford’s statement] that psychology is the study of the mind or the soul. However, mainstream psychology has stripped the soul and now the mind, leaving just the brain. I agreed wholeheartedly that neuroscience accounts for only a fraction of the human experience and a broader approach is needed to not only understand but heal the human mind or soul.

I immediately signed up for a past life regression session and experienced first hand how Dr. Stafford is using these sessions to heal. Her calm demeanor and empathy accentuated what I understood to be her love for humanity. While every session is personal, I would invite everyone to partake in this experience at least once.

Click here to read more about my broader therapeutic background and approach.

FAQ: How many sessions will I need?

That’s completely up to you. Some people (like Kate and Teresa mentioned above) have had dramatic results after just one session (although please note, as Kate says, it took about three months for the changes to become fully apparent), whereas others prefer multiple sessions for ongoing exploration and support.

If you prefer multiple sessions, I usually recommend at least a week between sessions. While breakthroughs do happen during a session, much of the processing and integration happens after a session. A gap of at least a week allows time for this processing and healing.

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FAQ: How much does a session cost?

  1. 90-Minute Session: $NZ 350*
  2. 2.5-Hour PLR Session: $NZ 495**

Wondering about PLR (Past Life Regression)? Click here (coming soon …) for insights into this fascinating tool for growth.

*Budget constraints? Let’s talk – if you are ready for change and feel I’m the one to work with – then get in touch and we’ll work something out.

**Sorry. I’m non-negotiable on price for PLR session. They are time and energy intensive for me (but typically deeply relaxing for the client) in a way the standard sessions aren’t.

If you would like to learn more about PLR then click here.

**Please note these prices include GST (only for peeps in NZ), are current as of April 2024, and are subject to change without notice.

**Please also note that sessions are pre-paid

FAQ: How quickly will I see change?

Client results vary so much I can’t honestly answer this with any accuracy. Some clients have fast dramatic results. Others are on a slower burn. I do my best but it’s only partly up to me. I do find clients who are willing and able to do the deep work get the most satisfying results. However, that’s not really anything to do with the client’s capacity for positive change, per se (because everybody has that), but more to do with timing in their life.

Which is why I try to work with clients who are at that stage – where the pain of staying stuck is greater than the fear of change. Some refer to this as ‘rock bottom.’

Honestly, I find the therapeutic process frequently astonishing and often mysterious. But, again, that’s mostly because I’m only influencing a small part of it.

Within a few minutes of talking with Rebecca, my puzzling, frustrating behaviors made much more sense to me. She provided me with enlightening information as well as with the tools to apply the information to my life, and with her help I’ve made some great changes.

One of which I know many people struggle with… exercising. This had been a struggle of mine for years, but within a month of working with Rebecca I now exercise one hour a day, at least five days a week.. and I absolutely love it. This has impacted the quality of my life in ways I can’t put into words. I’ve also become more efficient overall – in time management and work productivity …

And Rebecca did this all while making the process of learning enjoyable, personalized, and funny.

FAQ: Where can we have sessions – do you have an office?

Currently I do all my sessions either by phone (usually only for NZ and Oz) or online for all other international sessions. For online sessions I use Zoom, which is simple to install, free, and I find has superior sound quality.

FAQ: I’d love a session with you – what do I do next?

1. Great! Email me at

2. Please put ‘session booking’ in the email subject line (this helps me give it priority)

3. I’ll reply with a link to my automatic booking system – Calend-ly – and you select a date and time that suits you.

4. FYI: I’m on New Zealand time. I’m happy to do sessions on most weekday evenings but, as time with my family is precious, I rarely work on weekends or public holidays. If there is an urgent need for a (NZ) weekend session, I will try and accommodate, but there will be an extra fee.

5. As sessions are pre-paid, along with the Calendly link I’ll also send you payment details. NZ payments can be made directly via internet banking. Overseas payments can be made via credit card (I currently use Stripe for credit card processing).

6. For Kiwis: As my company is GST registered, I pay GST for NZ-based client sessions. However, this also means Kiwis can claim back the GST if they wish and are eligible. If so, let me know and I’ll provide a GST invoice for your session.

I’ve lost 20 kgs by exercising more and eating better. It really helps remembering what Rebecca says about weight-loss: that it’s not the most important thing in life.. yes I will get skinnier but does that mean that it would make me happier? No. It will make me healthier and fitter, which will make things easier physically, but weight-loss is not the main thing that would make me happier – if that makes sense. It also helps remembering that weight-loss is more bearable if you are happier, love yourself and remember your self worth.

I don’t just support individuals – if your team could use help with decreasing overwhelm & procrastination and boosting focus & productivity, then scroll just below.

Like to know how to get the mind-focusing effects of Ritalin – without taking the drug?

You may not need any sessions with me at all. The below 20-minute video contains the top psychology strategy for beating procrastination – the critical technique I used to get from university dropout to PhD. You’re welcome.

How to get the mind-focusing effects of Ritalin – without taking the drug! The top psychology strategy for beating procrastination.

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Want to read more testimonials? Head to my testimonials page.

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Could your team do with less stress and overwhelm and more focus and productivity? Scroll just below …

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Organizational Habit Coaching

Do your people need less stress & overwhelm and more focus & productivity?

Your organization may benefit from a psychology coaching workshop or seminar if there are the following issues:

  • procrastination (trouble starting) and/or perfectionism (= fancy procrastination = trouble FINISHING)
  • high levels of stress
  • overwhelm
  • too much to do and not enough time
  • low productivity
  • problems with focus and ineffective prioritization
  • workaholism (= organizational procrastination & perfectionism = working ever increasing hours with ever decreasing productivity and health)


We hosted Rebecca to present a workshop on beating procrastination through habit change & mastery. It’s the best feedback I’ve had from our residents after any of our ‘lunch & learns.’ Some of them implemented Rebecca’s psychology strategies the same day and commented it was “life changing.” The response was so impressive we’re having her back for a 6-part series!

I can help with:

  • simple but powerful psychology tactics for beating procrastination and boosting focus and productivity
  • simple, clinically proven strategies for reducing stress and boosting immunity
  • methods for breaking mental habits of stress, worry and anxiety (yes, they are habits – and habits can be changed)
  • creating purpose and meaning in both work and personal lives
  • personalizing my strategic content to your organization


“The presentation was super-informative and presented in a very accessible way. Thanks Rebecca for not ‘over-jargoning’ it/making it stuffy. The stuff on temporal discounting was life changing! And its revolutionary to understand how we link effort to punishment.”

Let me help your organization be more productive

I can work with your team remotely or – location dependent – in person.

To discuss how I can help your team, drop me a line on the Contact Form.

“I really enjoyed Rebecca’s well-presented workshop! Useful and interesting content (such as learning the psychology of motivation in terms of positive/negative rewards and positive/negative punishments), and fun exercises to break up the content and keep us motivated. I’ll be incorporating the knowledge gained into my coaching business.”

FAQ: What are your corporate rates?

My rates are $NZ 2,000 + GST for (up to) an hour presentation and $NZ 5,000 + GST for a one day workshop.

Contact me to discuss discounted rates for multiple presentations, workshops or programs.

“I was privileged to have Rebecca’s guidance at the time I was struggling to complete my Master’s thesis. By encouraging me to practice [psychology] strategies, I was able to manage my anxiety and overcome my procrastination.
Had it not been for Rebecca, I doubt I would have been able to continue. I owe the completion of my thesis entirely to her intervention”

FAQ: Do you have special rates for not-for-profits?

I do. I volunteered for eight years as a Lifeline telephone counselor. I know not-for-profits often need this kind of support but don’t have the budget for corporate rates. Please email me at to discover how I can help your paid staff as well as volunteers.

“It’s been an interesting journey with Rebecca. She’s helped me understand myself in the ways I think and operate. This is allowing me to deal with difficult situations and day to day life in a much better way rather than how I used to; with anger and punishing myself or others. We’ve done some interesting experiments and I look forward to doing more. Seeing, noticing, and feeling change is great”.

Like to know more about my organizational work?

Click here to read “All work and no productivity” – my NZ Herald interview on the true cause of high-stress/low-productivity workaholic behaviors plus a simple tip for boosting productivity. It’s something we know we should do – and highly productive people actually do.

Read more of my media articles here.

“I must say I have been using [Rebecca’s procrastination-busting] technique for 2 days now and they have been my most productive in months! It has taken the focus away from what is most pressing and moved it into just getting things done.”

Want individual, personal coaching?

Business is personal (we sure don’t leave our personal problems at home – and we sure don’t leave our work problems at work!) so for more insights into my 1:1 work, head to the top of the page for info on personal psychology coaching.

Want to watch a 1-minute video of my feral cat doing her obstacle course?

I’m not suggesting we train your team to jump through hoops – as my cat does to purrfection – but this video does demonstrate the power of behavior science. It also shows how the strategic principles of motivation, rewards and behavior-shaping (and habit-shaping!) can generalize to almost any behavior … and species.