Are humans pissing you off?

These are the videos I watch when I’m down and need a lift. I’ve re-watched most of them multiple times. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some inspire me, some make me feel better about my struggles and failures.  They all make me feel more connected. They all make me delighted to be human.

As I’m updating these videos regularly, do come back and visit regularly. And this is why I’m doing this:

[From Brené Brown’s book; Braving the Wilderness]

“… our belief in inextricable human connection is one of our most renewable sources of courage in the wilderness…So if we love the idea of humankind but people in general are constantly on our nerves … how do we cultivate & grow our belief in inextricable human connection internally?


“Women & men with the strongest true belonging practices maintain their belief in inextricable connection by engaging in moments of joy and pain with strangers.

“In simpler terms, we have to catch some of that lightening in a bottle.

“We have to catch enough glimpses of people CONNECTING to one another and having FUN together, that we believe it’s true and possible for us all.”

Do you have videos that you regularly re-watch for a lift? Is so, please send me the link and I may include it on this page. 

Let’s begin:

Smile & maybe even, like me, cry: below is a SUPER-CUTE video from Phil Wright, an awesome human, dancer & choreographer, who brings parents and children together via dance.

There’s some sweaty but smooth Dad moves, an ADORABLE toddler in red shoes and red t-shirt at about 4 minutes, and, if you are more mature like moi, I defy you not to wonder where you stored your leg warmers and headbands as you jive in your office chair.

Access your genius! with best-selling author (10 million-plus books sold!) Elizabeth Gilbert.

Almost 17 million people have watched this TED talk. Probably because, with practice and accessing her genius, Elisabeth Gilbert has become as brilliant a speaker as she is a writer. If you are interested in accessing your genius – you may wish to watch this.



From Scottish unknown to singing mega-star

Have you seen Susan Boyle’s debut on Britains Got Talent? I’ve watched – and continue to re-watch – this short video so many times. It still gives me goosebumps and a lift.


An energy turboboost in under 4 minutes: Do what you can’t: by Casey Neistat

Skip your 4th coffee and, instead, mainline this 3.53 minute-short turbo-blast from Casey Neistat. You’re welcome.

Drop your jaw: the remarkable Sarah Jones is why I keep voting for the human race.

This is one of the most astonishing/funny/brain-boggling things I’ve ever seen. At 36 minutes, this Marie Forleo interview is the social media commitment level of a marriage, so just commit to 5 minutes (WARNING: you won’t be able to resist watching the rest)


Laugh (and be moved) with Sir Ken Robinson on schools and creativity

With over 55 million views, this is the top ranking TED talk of all time. This is partly as its been around for a while (published in 2006): but mostly it’s because Sir Ken’s dry English humor is married to compassionate insight’s into creative students struggling in a non-creative education system. And, in my opinion, all students (all humans for that matter) are creative.

If that doesn’t appeal, then watch it to discover the real reason his family emigrated to the US from England (Spoiler alert: it’s something to do with the ghastly Sarah – poor thing).

Smile with ‘P is for Pterodactyl’

The story behind ‘P Is For Pterodactyl,’ The Self-Described ‘Worst Alphabet Book Ever’ – is also the story behind how it sold out on the first day of release.

Plus the answer to “why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl using the bathroom?”  Click the Pterodactyl image below to read this charming review. 


Break your heart open with Brené Brown’s power of vulnerability

If I had to pick one person who’s work has helped me the most, both personally and professionally, it’s Brené Brown. I regularly re-read her books (I have them all!) and re-watch her videos. Brené’s top-ranking TED talk has clocked over 38 million views – 8 of which are mine. Her stories and humor are the perfect vehicle for life-transforming research.

Be uplifted by Paul McCartney in carpool karaoke

Like me, you don’t need to be mad about the Beatles to LOVE this video. This video has over 38 million views (only 3 of them are mine) and is well worth a watch.

Be empowered by Bryan Stevenson – we are not the worst thing we’ve ever done!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Shame doesn’t motivate us to change. It just makes us feel worse, which increases our stress levels, which increases the chance we’ll act against our most dearly held values.

Bryan Stevenson skillfully infuses very-human humor into this high-ranking, powerful and moving TED talk. I love it.


Struggling to finish (or start) a creative project? – this inspiring Elizabeth Gilbert/Marie Forleo interview will help you release your fear of failure

I am such a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. I saw her speaking live in San Francisco in 2015 – and (to plagiarize Marie Forleo in this video) damn!!! I regularly re-read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic (discussed in this interview) as well as re-watching this video discussing Big Magic! If you need help shifting a creative block – this uplifting video was made for you.


More reading? Here’s some of my own articles …

How to change habits!

Many people believe they struggle with habit change because they have no willpower or self-control. THIS IS NOT TRUE! This article explains the REAL reason we struggle with habit change (Hint: it’s not your fault). Click here to read ‘Why is Changing Habits so Hard?


Procrastination is a phobia

I just got a message from a man in Seattle saying he found this article – explaining how procrastination is a phobia, and can be cured like one! – really helpful. He said it was one of the most useful and guilt-relieving articles he’d read on this frustrating topic. You can read about this procrastination-phobia link here.


Speaking of which ….

The top psychology tactic for beating procrastination!

‘How To Get The Mind-Focusing Effects Of Ritalin Without Taking The Drugs’ is a free download when you subscribe to my newsletters on all things habit-related. It contains the No. 1 tactic I used to get myself from university dropout to PhD, and have been using to help others ever since. Subscribe and get the free download here. Below is feedback from Robyn, who’s used this deceptively-simple psychology technique.


“Hi Rebecca, I really loved your talk and was totally inspired. My procrastination level had been over the top for quite a while. I was getting through each day just spending half my time thinking about what I should be doing next. I used [the psychology technique] religiously for a week and was totally stunned by how much I achieved!!

I was having problems filling up the day with tasks as I had never structured myself so well before.

I was achieving lots and ‘getting things done’ so well it felt like magic. I had a month where the wheels fell off … and I noticed by not using [the psychological technique] I was falling back into old habits again. So I am back on to it and can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you shared. It works really well for me and has changed my life. Keep up the great work.