Struggling with willpower? Click here to read my contribution to “A will and a way” – an article in the August 2018 NZ & Australia edition of Good Health Choices magazine.




Click here to read my Huffington Post article, “Why I’m a raging Meninist as well as a Feminist”. This is the article that earned me a spot as a HuffPost contributor – and the 2nd best email of my life (a personal acceptance email from Ariana Huffington herself 🙂 Unfortunately I’ve forgotten what the 1st best email of my life was 🙁


Click here to read “All work and no productivity”. My NZ Herald interview on the true cause of high-stress/low-productivity workaholic behaviors plus a simple tip for boosting productivity. It’s something we know we should do – and highly productive people actually do.



It’s midyear! How’s those New Year’s resolutions going? Many people, despairing over broken New Year’s resolutions, have stopped making them altogether. But don’t despair! In the July 2018 issue of Next magazine I provide some ideas for smarter goal setting. You can read Resolution Reboot here. 




Are you addicted to work? Click here to read my NZ Herald interview where I discuss the impact on our minds, bodies & productivity of working excessive hours (Hint: it’s bad 🙁 but reversible 🙂