My HuffPost article: NZ’s dirty secret (aka why I’m a raging meninist as well as a feminist)

This is the article that got me a spot as a Huffington Post contributor.

It’s dedicated to two heroes: the courageous young woman in the Stanford sexual assault case and rugby hero and courageous anti-depression campaigner, Sir John Kirwan.

The precursor to getting this article published in the HuffPost was receiving some moving feedback after presenting the ideas as a speech. People told me they were still thinking about the issues of meninism and feminism, and how we treat our young men, long after my speech.

Encouraged by this feedback, I decided to submit the content as a blog post to Ariana Huffington. I received an acceptance email from her four days later. The second-best email of my life.

I would inordinately appreciate it if you could Facebook ‘like’ the article on HuffPost, and even leave a constructive comment. 

I want to generate conversations around meninism and feminism – about the rights of men to stop feeling they can’t ask for support – and your ‘likes’ and comments will help promote my article up the Huffington Post rankings from the bottom 10 million blog posts to at least the top million. Please join me in promoting this conversation by asking your friends and whanau to do the same.

Click here to read: New Zealand’s dirty secret (aka why I’m a raging meninist as well as a feminist)

Kia kaha, kia toa


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  1. Helen Duyvestyn

    Thank you Rebecca, brilliantly written. It is something that I’ve also wanted to blog about – and also so strongly believe that our NZ culture of “Harden Up” and “Fix it yourself” mentality has unfortunately backfired when it comes to suicide. We desperately need to create a culture of kindness with each other and ourselves – one which doesn’t excuse bad behaviour, but one which models caring, compassion and as you say, courage. Well done.

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