Your courage will be contagious for some, and hold up an uncomfortable mirror to others' sense of inadequacy (Brene Brown)

[1 Minute Psychology] How men can be courageous

Sometimes the most terrifying, and therefore most courageous, thing you can do is admit that you are not coping and ask for support.

This is what I told the men who called Lifeline crisis counseling when I volunteered there as a counselor.

It’s easy advice to give to others. Hard advice to accept yourself. But I did.  I chose to accept the horrifying truth that I was struggling and lonely.

I dropped the mask and let my friends in. I told them I was struggling and needed help. And they cast a supportive net around me.

Not everyone will applaud your excruciating vulnerability and courage.  As Brené Brown found in her shame research, courage can hold up an uncomfortable mirror to others’ sense of inadequacy. But those who do applaud and support you, they are your true friends.

Plus, there’s an added bonus: courage is contagious.


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