Here are the steps to get your Health Psychology weight-control coaching:

  1. We make a time for a free no-obligation 10 minute chat about weight-control. This is for you to assess if you feel comfortable working with me. So on the contact form, along with your name and email, please indicate the dates and times that suit you best, and whether Skype or phone is best.
  2. Next, I’ll send you a weight-control assessment questionnaire to be completed and returned before our chat. This is a detailed document and will provide us both with insights into your weight control challenges. Even if you decide not to proceed with the chat, I hope you will get some useful tips, hints, and weight-control insights from the questionnaire.
  3. If after our chat, you would like to book a full session, we can fix a session date and time. (However, if you decide not to proceed with a session at this point, that’s completely fine. I hope and expect you’ll still gain insights into your weight control challenges from our chat and completing the form)
  4. As full sessions are pre-paid, I’ll send you an invoice prior to the session date.

Refund policy

Any session payments are 100% refunded with at least 2 hours notice of cancellation – no reason needed. With less than 2 hours notice there is a 50% refund, and no refund can be issued for a missed appointment. An exception to this would be in the event of a significantly large (not small) alien spacecraft landing. In which case I would totally understand you were distracted and lost track of time.

Please note that there are no refunds on completed sessions. The client is in control of the process – not me – and therefore I cannot guarantee weight control. Ultimately it’s up to the client to accept the psychology tools I offer.

I do guarantee I will do my very best to support you in weight control. I’ll explain what the weight control psychology tools are, how to use them, and how to easily motivate yourself to actually use these extremely effective tools.


Please note I am not a clinical psychologist, registered counselor, psychiatrist, nor astronaut (sadly) – and my advice is not intended to replace personalized advice from these folk.

I have studied and practiced psychology for over 12 years – including a doctorate in Health Psychology (the interaction between mental and physical health) from the University of Auckland, volunteered for eight years as a Lifeline telephone counselor, and have a private practice as a Health Psychology coach.

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