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BUT if you would like to know a little about how ‘this’ all started, keep reading …

‘This’ all started when I did a past life regression hypnosis with my partner. While he didn’t have a ‘classic’ past life experience – he did receive a powerful message (described below).

When I mentioned this experience to a ‘frolleague’ (a friend and colleague), she said she wanted to have a past life regression session with me. That was the point I felt I should offer this service to others.

To return to my partner’s experience with past life regression: I can’t reveal the specifics of the message my partner received – that’s personal to him – but it was 100% on point.

I CAN, however, tell you what my partner ‘saw’ during the regression. He saw a room with a whiteboard. The board had a sentence written on it. In front of the whiteboard, looking at the message, was a blonde-haired little boy.

While my partner didn’t recognize the boy, it definitely wasn’t him. And we’ll likely never know, but I suspect the blonde boy was my partner’s deceased brother. Both my partner and his surviving brother are dark-haired. But my partner’s little brother, who tragically died when he was about 2 years old, was blonde.


I get it! I appreciate this is all very ‘woo-woo.’ My background is mainstream (if innovative) psychology. Heck, I have a science PhD. (You can read more about my background here). Until about 2018, I’d be slowly backing away from anyone talking about spirituality the way I do now.

However [stuff happened] and it appears that part of my purpose is REintegrating psychology and spirituality. This awareness didn’t exactly fill me with joy. While spirituality is becoming increasing mainstream, there’s still a lot of stigma. Many people see it as incompatible with science. And I worked bludy hard to get my science PhD.

Ironically, spirituality is completely compatible with science and psychology. The word ‘psychology’ means the study of mind or soul. Heck, spirituality used to be part of psychology (thank you, William James). However, not only has modern mainstream psychology stripped the soul out of psychology, it’s also stripping out the mind. Leaving us just the brain.

Don’t get me wrong, I love neuroscience. It’s wonderfully complementary to other psychology sub-disciplines. But, alone, neuroscience only accounts for a fraction of the human experience.

And it seems that more spiritual psychology therapies, such as past life regression, may be able to account for a whole lot more.

If you would like to learn more about past life regression (PLR), scroll down or click here.

If you’d like to know what to expect from a PLR session, click here

If you would like to book a session, scroll down or click here

What the heck IS Past Life Regression (PLR)!?

For starters, you don’t need to believe in ‘past lives’ to experience the benefits of past life regression.

There’s at least three different, equally valid, ways* to think about the images and experiences that tend to arise in a past life regression session …

1. Conventional Reality (aka Client Initiated Metaphor) – This idea of reality presumes that we only have one life. Therefore the impressions that people get during a past life regression are considered helpful metaphors created by their mind that relate to their life.

2. Spiritual Reality (aka Higher Consciousness) – This idea is based on the premise that we have one soul that travels through time, learning lessons along the way. Many religions adhere to this idea.

3. Ultimate Reality (aka Superconscious) – This idea transcends the limits of time and space and contains the understanding that we are all part of one harmonious energy.

It doesn’t matter which belief you subscribe to: they all ‘work’.

Personally, I’ve gone from a one to a two to a three. However, I don’t expect you to believe any of this. Why should I? I didn’t even KNOW about any of this stuff – let alone believe it – until 2017.

If your brain is freaking out at this point – yet you are intrigued – I suggest you go off and read a book by Dr Brian Weiss

This is what MY understanding of past life regression is based on: it’s based on having acquired a science PhD, researched and practiced psychology for 17 years, helped hundreds of people, read MANY books on psychology and spirituality, talked to MANY academics, clinicians and therapists from a range of disciplines, trained myself in a range of disciplines from the humanistic therapies, behavior science and habit modification, to hypnotherapy, and having been on the receiving end of therapist practitioners ranging from CBT to psychotherapy to Reiki to hypnotherapists to spiritual therapists.

In the interests of research, I’ve even attended a burlesque show with a clinical psychologist and sex therapist (If you like, you can read about that here).

So, based on all that research, this is what I understand so far:

Basically, reincarnation is a thing. Even more, we choose our human lives based on the lessons we want to learn for our soul’s progression – enlightenment, if you will.

But it’s more that we choose lives that will offer us opportunities. Our free-will comes in to play in that we choose to learn the lessons – or not.

You don’t need to view this from a spiritual perspective (viewpoints 2 & 3) for it to make sense. Think of the person who goes from destructive relationship to destructive relationship. They clearly have lessons to learn. That person may be you. It sure was me (I speak as someone who spent far too long in destructive relationships – and I have finally learned the lessons 🙂

The lessons invariably come back to forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. Again, you don’t need to be spiritually inclined to view those as worthy aspirations and practices.

I just read this Instagram post which sums it up pretty well:**

Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience

Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand on your own two feet

Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion

Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back

Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love

Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear

Anything you can’t control is teaching you how to let go

* Thanks to Sara Wilson of the NZSPH and MindGarden Hypnotherapy for these three definitions

**From The Age of Enlightenment – reposted on Soul 33’s Insta stories 14/08/20

How to book a PLR session …

1. Send me a message on my contact form.  with “PLR session” in the subject line.

2. I reply with two things: A Calendly link so you can book a time that suits you and a Stripe invoice for payment. Please note pre-payment is required.

3.  The session bookings are confirmed when payment is received.  

4. We conduct the session via computer using Zoom. Upon booking, you’ll receive a link to our Zoom session.

*** Please note: If we are using Zoom on your computer, it’s best is wear a headset or microphone. This is because people tend to speak quietly under hypnosis, and often sit back or lie down away from their computer’s microphone, making them hard to hear. Therefore, wearing a microphone usually makes it easier for me to hear you.

(FYI We can use phone for NZ or Australia if you prefer. However I find Zoom gives reliably better quality audio for international sessions.)

What to expect from a Past Life Regression session

  1. The session itself begins with discussing what you are hoping to get from the sessions. People very widely in what they hope and expect to get from a PLR session. Some are just curious about past life regression. Others are seeking insight and answers to dilemmas or recurring issues in their current life.

2. Then there’s a relaxing guided visualization. 

This is to help you get into a light hypnotized state. This is therapeutic in itself but also helps your conscious mind relax and allows you to more easily access your subconscious mind.

People who’ve never been hypnotized before can feel a bit anxious about hypnosis. However, despite how hypnosis is often (unhelpfully) portrayed in stage shows, you remain in complete control and can exit the hypnosis at any time you wish. Really, it’s just a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. In fact some people consider it a form of meditation, rather than hypnosis.

3. Then we go through the past life regression. 

I’ll guide you through the process and ask me to tell me what you see or feel.

There is no danger of anything unpleasant. If something comes up that you’d prefer not to experience, you can choose to detach and simply observe the event without any unpleasant feelings – or you can exit the hypnosis if you prefer.

4. I gently guide you out of the hypnosis.

5. Finally, the debrief 

We discuss your experience. Here I draw on my own experience and intuition. We discuss what images and sensations may have been literal and which symbolic, and how they relate to your current life.

I’ve found people tend to have a variety of experiences during past life regressions.

One type is a vivid, intense, ‘being there’ experience. It feels like you are reliving a past life. While many people think this type of past life regression is more exciting and convincing, all types of experience are valuable.

Another type is seeing colors or ‘impressions’ rather than clear ‘visuals.’ This can be a more subtle experience, but I find when we discuss the meanings of those colors or impressions, we find the answers the clients were looking for.

Another common type of past life regression feels like a story line. This feels like you are making it up as you go along. However, our imagination is still a product of our minds. Therefore it’s all useful. These are the types of regressions I tend to experience myself, and have helped me make big breakthroughs.

If you read the section  ‘What the heck is past life regression’ – you’ll see there are at least three, equally valid, ways of thinking about past life regression experiences. For example, type 1, conventional reality, proposes that our imagination is our minds bringing the subconscious up for conscious inspection.

In other words, there is no such thing as ‘just’ imagination. Whatever arises in your conscious mind during a PLR session is important information relevant to your current life.

I understand – and believe – that we will get the information and guidance that is most empowering for us at that point in time. It may be a direct message or it may be a linear story line or colors or a series of disjointed apparent metaphors or a mixture of all these.

As I’ve mentioned at the start, while my partner didn’t have a classic ‘being-there’ past life experience, the message he received couldn’t have been any more direct – he ‘saw’ a sentence written on a white board.

At the other extreme, messages can be indirect. For example, one client ‘saw’ a scorpion. But the scorpion image was a bit odd. It wouldn’t ‘fit’ into the rest of the past life scene – which my client was seeing quite clearly. To me, this suggests the scorpion was more metaphorical than literal. Maybe there was something in my client’s life he needed to watch carefully, but it seemed unlikely he’d be stepping on a scorpion in the near future.

Other clients have had clear impressions of precise dates and other details of past lives. A bit of Google research has often shown where and/or who they may have been in that past life. I’ve done this myself – after my own past life regressions. While unearthing that level of detail isn’t necessary for healing, it’s certainly fascinating.

As I said, we get what we most need for our empowerment, for our healing. It’s more likely to be guidance on where we need to look for the answers, as opposed to getting the answer handed to us on a silver platter.


Even when the guidance couldn’t be any more direct, as in my partner’s example, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to act on that guidance. If it was easy we’d already be doing it.

Usually, we are required to add courage and action to our new knowledge to get the life changes we want. Again, sorry. There’s been times I was desperate for easy solutions to my recurring problems. However, while there are rarely easy solutions – there are indeed solutions to be found.


To get the most out of your session, I highly recommend writing or journaling about the experience as soon as possible afterwards.

Not only will this help avoid forgetting valuable details, but it’s common to have many insights and epiphanies during the writing process.

You are also welcome to record the session. Sometimes people go so deep into hypnosis that, when they regain conscious awareness, they don’t recall what they experienced or said while ‘under.’ While I personally haven’t had this experience – with myself or a client – I know therapists who have.

Past Life Regression resources

If you would like more info on past life regression, you can’t go past the books by Dr Brian Weiss.

He’s a US psychiatrist who stumbled on past life regressions when one of his hypnotherapy clients spontaneously went into a past life regression. Brian Weiss is now an internationally reknowned expert on the topic. I must admit – I’m super keen to go to one of his workshops.

Anyhoo, he’s written a number of fascinating books. I love them all. His top two are, I think, are ‘Many Lives, Many Masters‘ and ‘Through Time Into Healing‘. So those might be good places to start.

If you are short on time, Dr Weiss has a shorter book called ‘Only Love Is Real’. Princess Diana read it and loved it. Her PA called Dr Weiss about an appointment with Dr Weiss, but Diana died before they met.

While Dr Weiss’s books should be available through most libraries, if you want to check them out before purchasing, here’s a link to his books


Audio recordings of PLRs are another resource you may be interested in. On Dr Weiss’s website you can purchase access to his past life regression hypnosis audios. They are super-reasonably priced at (last time I checked) $US 15.

I don’t find the recordings as powerful as a live session (they certainly don’t have the flexibility), but they can be very effective and can’t be beaten for budget and convenience. Note that some of his books come with free PLR audio recordings.

Here’s a link to Dr Weiss’s past life regression recordings

FAQ about Past Life Regression (PLR)

I’ll be adding my own content here – in the meantime, I suggest you check out Dr Brian Weiss’s extensive and excellent PLR FAQ by clicking the link here.

He answers all sorts of commonly asked, fascinating questions such as: “Is it necessary to see a therapist in order to discover one’s past lives ?”

PLR testimonials

“My Past Life Regression (PLR) session with Rebecca was a very special experience, thanks to her gifts of presence and kindness, her ability to listen beyond words, to connect and capture pieces which turn on valuable insights.

Although there is a structure for the session, I appreciated her flexibility to address my current concerns. The night before our conversation, I had a nightmare that made me reflect about seemingly unrelated events. Therefore, I was even more curious to find out what this experience would bring me.

The PLR journey itself felt a bit like a deep guided meditation combined with dreaming. It was wonderful to just let myself float and receive, without judging, whatever comes. The information that I received seemed somehow weird but felt so natural and peaceful. The debriefing afterwards and my overall conversation with Rebecca helped me to shift the focus from lack to abundance, from resistance to acceptance and from doubt to faith. She also provided valuable resources, which support me further on my continued exploration and life adventures. From the other side of this world, so far and feeling so close – THANK YOU, REBECCA! ❤

I was drawn to [Dr Rebecca Stafford’s statement] that psychology is the study of the mind or the soul. However, mainstream psychology has stripped the soul and now the mind, leaving just the brain. I agreed wholeheartedly that neuroscience accounts for only a fraction of the human experience and a broader approach is needed to not only understand but heal the human mind or soul.

I immediately signed up for a past life regression session and experienced first hand how Dr Stafford is using these sessions to heal. Her calm demeanor and empathy accentuated what I understood to be her love for humanity. While every session is personal, I would invite everyone to partake in this experience at least once.

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