Hi! The world needs saving & I need your help.

I’m looking for an amazing part-time boss – ideally for two days per week.

If your team needs help with:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • reducing sick leave
  • boosting motivation,  self-control and willpower
  • changing unhealthy lifestyle habits (e.g. breaking emotional eating habits, smoking etc. – these can be very frustrating & distressing and what impacts our personal life impacts our work life)
  • creating healthy lifestyle habits (e.g. exercise, healthier eating, rest etc.)
  • boosting productivity
    • reducing procrastination (trouble starting)
    • reducing perfectionism (aka fancy procrastination = trouble finishing)
    • reducing workaholism (occupational procrastination & perfectionism = working longer & longer hours with inability to relax, diminishing productivity, poor health & inevitable burnout)

Then you may be my next amazing part-time boss.

My obsession with habits began when I needed to get myself from university dropout to PhD. it helps majoring in psychology! I developed a unique suite of highly effective yet simple psychology tools. I used them to help myself, and I’ve been using them to help others ever since.

Over the years I’ve helped many people suffering unnecessarily for lack of simple psychology tools (I mean, simple when you know how). Necessary suffering – fine. But I have zero tolerance for the unnecessary type.

Right from the start I was surprised that effective psychology strategies, that have been around for decades and longer, are basically unknown to the public. So I haven’t invented anything new. But I have synthesized effective psychology strategies from the different psychology sub-disciplines – particularly behavior modification, with a dash of clinical psychology – into highly actionable psychology tools.

Importantly, I also added stories and empirical data. Evidence for the effectiveness of the psychology tools – provided by anecdotes and research – helps motivate people to actually use them. For example …

We hosted Rebecca to present a workshop on beating procrastination through habit change & mastery. It’s the best feedback I’ve had from our residents after any of our ‘lunch & learns.’ Some of them implemented Rebecca’s psychology strategies the same day and commented it was “life changing.” The response was so impressive we’re having her back for a 6-part series!

My twin work goals are to get these psychology tools out to as many people as possible and make a sustainable income from doing so – hence seeking my amazing part-time boss. Plus I’m supposed to be embedded in a community.  I currently largely work from home. And while I need quite a bit of alone-time in my turret – I need to be around people also, e.g. …


[Rebecca Stafford note: I consulted part-time for TASKA PROSTHETICS over a 4-year period from 2014 – helping develop a robotic prosthetic hand]
While Rebecca assisted us in developing trials for our prosthetic devices, she provided many valuable insights. Her ability to work with trial participants to collect objective qualitative data and produce quality reporting was impressive. Her passion for human/machine interaction made her a delight to work with.

My non-invasive neurosurgery skills have been honed by 15 years of studying and practicing psychology, including; a PhD in health psychology (the interaction between mental & physical health, e.g. the impact of chronic stress on the immune system),  eight years volunteering as a Lifeline telephone counselor and my own private practice.

So contact me if you’d like psychology support for your Self, a loved one, your team, your organization or your country. I can be quite nice.

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