Psychology tools

Hi, I offer an effective and unusual hybrid of tactical behavior psychology and strategic clinical psychology tools.

Over the years I’ve helped too many people suffering unnecessarily for lack of these simple psychology tools (I mean, simple when you know how). Necessary suffering – fine. But I have zero tolerance for the unnecessary type.

My non-invasive neurosurgery skills have been honed by 14 years of studying and practicing psychology, including; a PhD in health psychology (the interaction between mental & physical health, e.g. the impact of chronic stress on the immune system), private practice and eight years volunteering as a Lifeline telephone counselor.

Lifestyle, academic and occupational habit change

My psychology tools have proven efficacy in rapid habit change including lifestyle habits and occupational habits.

Occupational habit change includes breaking the habits of procrastination, perfectionism (aka fancy procrastination) and workaholism (aka occupational perfectionism) and creating the habits of peak productivity and performance.


I also offer premium weight-control coaching for the high-profile woman. If interested, you can read more about weight-control coaching here.

Academic procrastination

Another of my passions, as I know intimately the pain and frustration of academic procrastination, is helping struggling students. I provide students (often in conjunction their families; age-dependent) with the psychology tools I synthesized and used to get myself from university dropout to PhD. And have been using to help others ever since.


So contact me if you’d like psychology support for your Self, a loved one, your team, your organization or your country. I can be quite nice.

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