Warning – Cath Vincent’s advice may lead to the fulfillment of impossible dreams

Warning – Cath Vincent’s advice may lead to the fulfillment of impossible dreams

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A former p-lab. Champagne. A musician’s dream. A vivacious entrepreneur living her fun-filled present.

Last night was quite a night.

Electrifying speaker Cath Vincent and musician husband Jesse Wilde hybridized their dreams to carve a creative music-T.V.-recording-business dojo from a central city (former) p-lab.

Cath Vincent spoke at last night’s ‘do’, celebrating the opening of her and Jesse’s audacious dream – Studio 38. You want to follow the advice of people you admire, and I want to share a piece of Cath’s time management advice.

Warning – this advice may lead to the fulfillment of impossible dreams.

Cath shared how she found standard time management techniques didn’t work for her. She was stuck on 80% done. Her website, and so much else, was 80% done. 80% done is the same as 0% finished.

Fortunately Cath Vincent isn’t the type to accept ill-fitting status quo time management. Fortunately she is the type to devise audacious time management techniques. And share them.

Her audacious system requires three achievements per day:

  1. An ‘eat the frog task’: do something important that you don’t want to do. With the guilt lifted, you’ll float away.
  2. Something that generates income: important.
  3. Something that progresses you towards an impossible fun-filled future: like starting a T.V. show.

And she doesn’t go to bed until she has achieved at least these three things.

And she has started her impossible T.V. show, soon to be filmed in the now glamorous, former p-lab. Cath Vincent didn’t know how she was going to start her T.V. show. She claims she still doesn’t know. But she’s doing it.

Because every day she did one thing that – slowly but surely – turned an impossible into her possible.

Which begs the obvious questions:

  1. What icky but important frog will you eat today?
  2. What one thing will you do today to generate income?
  3. What one thing will you do today towards your impossibly audacious fun-filled future?

My own answers to these questions will be in the comments section shortly. I hope your comments will join mine. In the meantime, go tick off those amphibious, income generating tasks for the future of your dreams.


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Comment below: I’d love hear about your frogs, income generating goals, and steps to an impossibly possible fun-filled future. I’ll put mine below within 24 hours of 27th October 2016.

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