The 21-day myth will be available from Amazon and elsewhere from 18th July 2018.

Pre-orders for the e-book are now available here from Amazon. I’m shortly setting up pre-orders for the print version of The 21-day myth, and will have the link on this page.

The book – The 21 day myth: A step by step guide to rapid habit change (including procrastination) – is for you if:

  • You procrastinate.
  • You struggle to start.
  • You struggle to finish.
  • You sincerely vow “I’ll start tomorrow”.
  • You don’t start tomorrow.
  • You feel guilty about procrastinating.
  • You feel frustrated by your inability to stop procrastinating.
  • You wonder what’s wrong with you.
  • You’ve given up making New Year’s resolutions.
  • You worry about people thinking you are lazy – or not hard working. Or worry about people thinking you are stupid – or not intelligent. Or worry about people thinking you are useless – or incompetent.
  • You feel like you never work hard enough.
  • You never feel like you have worked hard enough to have earned a decent break.
  • You tell yourself, after you finally start working:
    • “I should have started sooner”, or
    • “I should have achieved more by now”, or
    • “I have too much to do and not enough time”


Why I wrote The 21 day myth

This book contains the psychology tools I developed and used to get from university dropout to Ph.D. I’ve used them to help others ever since.


“A+! I’m pretty chuffed with that!!!!! I am very proud of getting more life balance along with study and getting an amazing result! Thank you Rebecca, understanding what was behind my procrastination and self-sabotaging behaviors was like turning the light on.

I am now able to move forward with confidence (and less fear) knowing that I have an amazing toolkit of learnings and techniques to help keep me on track. You’re a star!”


“Rebecca helped me improve my motivation and study skills when I was sitting my level 1 NCEA exams. She really understood my problems with time management and concentration. I think what helped most was understanding that I procrastinated because I was scared of failing, not because I was lazy. Rebecca showed me how to study more effectively, and I’m pretty sure she helped me get a merit endorsement. It was good being less anxious around exam time too.”


“I was privileged to have Rebecca’s guidance at the time I was struggling to complete my Master’s thesis. By encouraging me to practice [psychology] strategies, I was able to manage my anxiety and overcome my procrastination.
Had it not been for Rebecca, I doubt I would have been able to continue. I owe the completion of my thesis entirely to her intervention”


Between my university experience and eight years as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counselor, I realized we have an epidemic of procrastination, anxiety, chronic stress, and underperformance. This epidemic is pervasive throughout our culture, but is especially and devastatingly evident in our education and work places. There are far too many people suffering unnecessarily for lack of simple psychology tools.

Procrastination is a habit. The same strategic psychology tools I synthesized to overcome procrastination and other poor study habits, can be customized to rapidly make or break any habit.


“Within a few minutes of talking with Rebecca, my puzzling, frustrating behaviors made much more sense to me.  She provided me with enlightening information as well as with the tools to apply the information to my life, and with her help I’ve made some great changes.

One of which I know many people struggle with… exercising.  This had been a struggle of mine for years, but within a month of working with Rebecca I now exercise one hour a day, at least five days a week.. and I absolutely love it. This has impacted the quality of my life in ways I can’t put into words. I’ve also become more efficient overall – in time management and work productivity.

But what I believe made all my progress possible is Rebecca’s kind, humane, empathetic approach. She taught me the importance of self-compassion and celebrating my own successes, no matter how small they might seem – and it’s this new learned attitude that has paved an expedited path for growth.

And Rebecca did this all while making the process of learning enjoyable, personalized, and funny”.


There is nothing wrong with you. You have plenty of willpower. I know how hard you try. You simply need the psychology tools to better understand how to motivate your brain.


Where do I get The 21 day myth?

The book will be available from Amazon and elsewhere from 18th July 2018.

Pre-orders for the e-book are now available here from Amazon. I’m shortly setting up pre-orders for the print version of The 21-day myth, and will have the link on this page.

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