I’m an enthusiastic & passionate speaker on a range of psychology topics, however my specialties include:


  • 1. boosting motivation & productivity – the easy way to produce better work in less time (& how guilt-free fun can enhance your work effectiveness – I’ll show you the research!)
  • 2. reducing procrastination & workaholism  (the latter being fancy procrastination)
  • 3. rapid habit change – the 21 day myth & how to create an optimal personalized motivation plan for rapidly changing any habit, form procrastination to emotional eating habits.

“Rebecca (on procrastination) was BRILLIANT. Loved her enthusiasm and her [personal outlook]


“Hi Rebecca, I really loved your talk and was totally inspired. My procrastination level had been over the top for quite a while. I was getting through each day just spending half my time thinking about what I should be doing next […]. I used [the psychological technique] religiously for a week and was totally stunned by how much I achieved!! I was having problems filling up the day with tasks as I had never structured myself so well before […] I was achieving lots and ‘getting things done’ so well it felt like magic. I had a month where the wheels fell off and I was away from home with family deaths and stuff and I noticed by not using [the psychological technique] I was falling back into old habits again. So I am back on to it and can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you shared. It works really well for me and has quite realistically changed my life. Keep up the great work  Regards Robyn”



“A+! I’m pretty chuffed with that!!!!! I am very proud of getting more life balance along with study and getting an amazing result! Thank you Rebecca, understanding what was behind my procrastination and self-sabotaging behaviors was like turning the light on. I am now able to move forward with confidence (and less fear) knowing that I have an amazing toolkit of learnings and techniques to help keep me on track. You’re a star!”


  • 4. reducing bullying in all its forms: workplace bullying, school, online, & domestic abuse.

While I provide an overview of legislation and direct people to online resources, I focus on what is not readily available online – including:

  • the physiological and psychological chain between bullying – chronic stress – and mental and physical health
  • What motivates bullies to bully
  • How to prevent bullying


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“It’s been an interesting journey with Rebecca. [She] has helped me understand myself in the ways I think and operate. This is allowing me to deal with difficult situations and day to day life in a much better way rather than how I used to; with anger and punishing myself or others.

We have done some interesting experiments and I look forward to doing more. Seeing, noticing, and feeling change is great”.


“Rebecca was a lifesaver when I was struggling to complete my Master’s thesis. Procrastination and dubious time management habits had me in a pickle and Rebecca steered me in the right direction at the right time. Her understanding of what I needed initially and then the subsequent supportive guidance got me to the finish line. I still wonder how I would have fared without her intervention”


“I was privileged to have Rebecca’s guidance at the time I was struggling to complete my Master’s thesis. By encouraging me to practice [psychological] strategies, I was able to manage my anxiety and overcome my procrastination.
Had it not been for Rebecca […] I doubt I would have been able to continue. I owe the completion of my thesis entirely to her intervention”


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